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Art & Crafts

Being a place of rich cultural heritage, Ludhiana is famous for the art and craft. Not only Ludhiana, the whole of Punjab has got a rich and hoary tradition of decorative designs and handicrafts. There are so many proves that support the fact Ludhiana and the rest of Punjab as well has a wide assortment of invaluable handicraft that the people have treasured them since centuries. The museums are the best places to visit in order to see some of the examples.

Moreover, the general flock especially the women, of Punjab is generally very fond to plastering their wall with the mud and engraves the ferns, plants, and many other fascinating elements. This is one of the classiest examples that you can get to ensure the fact that art and craft are in their blood. They have also acquired high degree of expertise in making the fashionable colorful paper pots that can be used to store various household items. In the very recent past a small section of Ludhiana population used to earn their livelihoods by weaving unique carpets of various designs, crafted out of the straws of sarcanda grasses.

The young girls in the villages use to earn their livelihoods by weaving the bedspreads and floor spreads out of cotton. They are so nice and unique that no tourist will return back home without buying one form any of these small-scale manufacturing units. Wall hangings and the needlework of Punjab are simply out of any question. Once upon a time these invaluable works were restricted to the nation only but have now entered the international market.