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Ludhiana Location

Ludhiana is one of the most centrally located cities of Punjab, which falls in the Malwa region of the State of Punjab. It is sited on the Grand Trunk Road from Delhi to Amritsar. For Administrative purposes it has been placed in the Patiala Division. It is bounded on the north by River Sutlej, which separates it from Jalandhar district. The River also forms its northern boundary with Hoshiarpur district. On other sides it shares common boundaries with Rupnagar District and Chandigarh Union Territory in the East, Moga District in the West, Sangrur District in the South and Patiala District in the South east respectively. The district is almost rectangular in shape with 96 Kms (east-west) length along side the Sutlej River & 39 Kms breadth from North to South. Geographically the district lies between north latitude 30o34' and 31o01' and east longitude 75o18' and 76o20'. Ludhiana is a part of the Ludhiana-Moga-Ferozepur-Bhatinda-Mukatsar-Faridkot Tourist Circuit in Punjab.d visits of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Among them the gurudwaras of Charan Kanwal and Manji Sahib are important.

Ludhiana Topography

Ludhiana district is centrally located in the Punjab plain region. The topography of the Ludhiana District is typical representative of an Alluvial plain; it owes its origin to the aggravation work of the Sutlej River. The alluvium deposited by the river has been worked over by the wind, which gave rise to a number of small dunes & sand mounds. The summer monsoons with their south-westerly direction have played an important role in determining the direction of these sand dunes which mostly run in south west north east direction.The brave hard working agriculturists of the district have leveled most of these dunes. The District can be divided into the Flood Plain of the Sutlej & the up land plain.

In the Ludhiana plain, the elevation ranges from about 268 metres in the east to about 216 metres in the west. Thus the lies of the land is from east to west at a gentle gradient of about 2 feet in a mile. Some notable heights in the district are Machhiwara (264 metres), Samrala (265 metres), Khanna (263 metres), Ludhiana (246 metres), Satluj Bridge (242 metres) and Jagraon (233 metres).