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Mad Colony
Near Village Daba, way from GT Road Daba Road and also from Gill road (141003).

Going from Clock Tower to Chaura Bazar, Ghass Mandi & Hazoori Road we come to Madhopuri, way also from Vaishnu Devi Chowk & Daresi Ground side (141008).

Madhuban Enclave
A Locality on Barewal Road.

Maha Singh Nagar
A locality on Dugri Dhandra Road (141002).

Maharaj Nagar
A small Locality on Ferozepur road between PAU & Gobind Nagar (141001).

Maharani Jhansi Road
Road between Fountain Chowk having Khalsa College for Girsl on it. Its extension called Jaur Sarak which meets Ferozepur Road near Aarti Cinema (141001).

Mahavir Colony
Sunder Nagar near Jodhewal Basti (141007).

Mahavir Nagar
On Ferozepur Road, opposite Rajguru Nagar near Octori Post (141004).

Mahian Street
Way from Ghass Mandi (141008).

Mai Harkrishan Sarai
Near Old Courts Chowk (141001).

Mai Nand Kaur Road
Road from Ghumar Mandi to Aarti Cinema (141001).

Major Gurdial Singh Road
Near Bharat Nagar Chowk on Mall Road (141001).

Major Sham Lal Road
Near Ferozepur Road opposite Mini Secretariate adjoins Maharani Jhansi Road on the other side (141001).

Major Shivdev Singh Road
On College Road quite near Rose Garden (141001).

Maleri Street
From Chauri Sarak near Gulchaman Gali (141008).

Malerkotla House
A Locality near Old DMC in Civil Lines (141001).

Malhotra Market
Opposite Pindi Street, Chaura Bazar (141008)

Malkiat Avenue
A Locality near Firezepur Road Octroi Post.

Mall Plaza
Near Fountain Chowk (141001).

Mall Road
A Road between Bharat Nagar Chowk and Fountain Chowk (141001).

Mali Ganj
Way from Master Tara Singh Memorial College (GT Road) on going to Bazar Kharadian also way from Chaura Bazar via Bajajan Bazar which is opposite to Pindi Street (141008).

Malwa School
About 50 Meters from Kochar Market on Canal Rest House (141002).

Man Colony
On Chandigarh Road to 33 feet. Road goes to Mundian Kalan (141010).

Mandip Nagar
Near Diary Complex, Haibowal Khurd, near Panj Peer 9141008).

Mangat Colony
A Locality in Kailash Nagar Road.

Manjit Market
A Market on Link Road, opposite Industrial Estate near Dholewal Flyover (141003).

Manjit Nagar
Also knows as Engine Shed (141001).

Manju Cinema
On GT Road, near Dholewal Chowk (141003).

Manmohan Market
A small market in Pindi Street (141008).

Manna Singh Colony
On GT Road between Chand Cinema & New Sabzi Mandi (141008).

Manohar Nagar
Between Ferozepur Railway Line & Dhuri Railway Line near Azad Nagar (141001).

Manoj Colony
A Locality on approach road to village Jassian from GT Road Jalandhar side (141008).

Mata Rani Chowk
Only 100 yards from Clock Tower towards Jalandhar side (141008).

Mata Rani Road
Only 100 yards from Clock Tower towards Jalandhar side (141008).

Mata Vaishnav Colony
Adjacent New Sabji Mandi on GT Road opposite Salem Tabri (141008).

Matharoo Market
Main Market of Bhagwan Chowk Market (141003).

Maulvi Wali Gali
In Mochpura bazar (141008).

Maya Nagar
A small locality near Ghumar Mandi way from Jaur Sarak & College Road also (141001).

Maya Soap Wali Gali
A street adjoining Simlapuri, on Gill Road, opposite ITI (141003).

A Locality on Tibba Road.

Meena Bazar
Road parallel to Chaura Bazar starting from Mata Rani Chowk is called Mata Rani Road, Meena Bazar & Pansari Bazar are its small parts & are called Meena Bazar (141008).

Mehak Tower
On way from Kailash Chowk to Doomoria Pul, Opposite Samrat Hotel (141001).

Near Islamia School, 0.2 Km from chowk Division No.3 (141008).

On Gill Road, opposite GNE College (141006).

Milk Plant
Near Canal Bridge on Ferozepur Road (141004).

Miller Ganj
GT Road from Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bridge to Dholewal Chowk & both sides of Gill Road from Vishkarma Chowk to Campa Cola Chowk (141003).

Mini Basant Vihar
A Locality on Noorwala Road (141008).

Mini Sectetariate
On Ferozepur Road near Bharat Nagar Chowk also called New Courts & having District Offices of various Departments (141001).

Misran Chowk
Ffrom Chaura bazar via Sarafan Bazar, near Daresi (141008).

Misran Mohalla
Ffrom Chaura bazar via Sarafan Bazar, near Daresi (141008).

Wool Market, opposite Subhani Building way also from Gokal Road (141008).

Model Gram East
Backside of Malwa School, near Kochar Market (141002).

Model Gram Extension
Backside Mini Secretariate. Both sides of Road from ESI Hospital to Pakhowal Road (Near Sarabha Nagar) Also way from Pakhowal road, Near Canal Rest House (141002).

Model Gram South
Near Model Gram Railway Station between Green Field & Model Gram Extension (141002).

Model Gram
Backside Mini Secretariate. Both sides of Road from ESI Hospital to Pakhowal Road (Near Sarabha Nagar) Also way from Pakhowal road, Near Canal Rest House, It has many small Localities i.e. Model Gram Extension, Model Gram East, Model Gram South, Friends Colony, Kartar Nagar, Partap Colony, Shakti Nagar, Green Field, New Lajpat Nagar, Sargodha Colony, Gandhi Colony, Gurcharan Park etc. (141002).

Model House
Backside of Model Town (141002).

Model Town Extension
Near Shastri Nagar, adjoining Canal & Pakhowal Road (Block A,B,C- 141002, Block D- 141003)

Model Town Road
From Bharat Nagar Chowk to Ferozepur Railway Line having ESI Hospital & General Bus stand on its way.

Model Town
Locality between Ferozepur Railway Line & Dugri Road & Canal going from Bus Stand to Campa Cola Chowkit is on the right side of Link Road starting from Chattar Singh park (141002).

Modi Complex
A Complex in Karta Ram Street (141008)

Mohar Singh Nagar
Near CMC near Gurudwara Hargobind Nagar (141008).

Mohra Shah Sahni Marg
From Khwaza Chowk to Neem Wala Chowk (141008)

Molvian Street
In Mochpura Bazar, way from Neemwala Chowk also (141008).

Moongphali Mandi
On Gill Road-Miller Ganj about 500 meters from Vishkarma Chowk (141003).

Moti Bagh Colony
On Pakhowal road (141002).

Moti Nagar
On Ambala Bye Pass opposite Transport Nagar (141010).

Mukund Lal Road
Road near New Dayanand Hospital on which Postal Colony & Income Tax Colony is situated (141001).

Mukund Nagar
A small locality on Daba road from GT Road.

Mullan Mohalla
Near Mali Ganj Chowk (141008).

On Gill Road-Miller Ganj near New Cycle Market (141003).

Muslim Colony
A Locality in Sherpur Kalan (141010).

Mustaq Ganj
Near Quality Ice Cream Chowk, Industrial Area-A (141008).

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