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Ludhiana Police Helpline

Due to increase in terrorist crime in district Ludhiana, control over the activities of terrorists became imperative. District Ludhiana was trifurcated into three districts i.e. Ludhiana, Police district Khanna and Police district Jagraon in the year 1992.

Police District, Ludhiana

After the trifurcation of revenue district Ludhiana, into the police districts, the police of Ludhiana district is under the overall control and supervision of Senior Superintendent of Police. The other two police districts i.e. Khanna and Jagraon are also under the overall supervision of their respective Senior Superintendent of Police.

DIG Ludhiana Range

The office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police Ludhiana Range has also been set up here for the sumptuous guidance and direction in the police administration.

Police Department Ludhiana

Designation Phone No.
DIG, Ludhiana 2444573
SSP, Ludhiana 2406055,2409055
SP City-I 2431461
SP City-II 2431462
SP (D) 2433028
SP (H) 2421919
SP Operation 2422999
SP Vigilance 2449053
ASP, Sarabha Nagar 2459546
DSP City 2726523
DSP CID 2448701
DSP (Det.) 2407101
DSP Industrial Area 2672646
DSP Sadar 2431466
DSP Sahnewal 2844490
DSP (T &E) 2409443
SHO-I (Division No. 1) 2721111
SHO-II (Division No. 2) 2722222
SHO-III (Division No. 3) 2723333
SHO-IV (Division No. 4) 2724444
SHO-V (Division No. 5) 2445555
SHO-VI (Division No. 6) 2536666
SHO Focal Point 2670000
SHO Haibowal Kalan 2472183
SHO Jodhewal Basti 2669083
SHO Koom Kalan 2832277
SHO Model Town 2408888
SHO Sadar 2447777
SHO Sahnewal 2844131
SHO Salem Tabri 2744471
SHO Sarabha Nagar 2459999
C.I.A. (H) 2407100
Chowki Atam park 2530796
Chowki Bus Stand 2448173
Chowki Brampura 2660666
Chowki Ghumar Mandi 2407428
Chowki G.R.P. 2742802
Chowki Kailash Chowk 2441575
Chowki Kochar Market 2428225
Chowki Miller Ganj 2534449