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Tiger Safari (Zoo) - Ludhiana

Zoo in Ludhiana known as Tiger Safari is situated on GT Road (Ludhiana-Jalandhar Highway); it is 6 kms from the main city. Tiger Safari here is stretched out on 25 acres. Since tigers have delighted 1993 people here, black bucks, sambhars, rabbits and lots of peacocks in the safari. Majestic tigers roaming about in the dense jungle offer a thrilling experience.

Of course, the Tiger Safari is one place where the children love going. It is quite exciting for children to see the tigers bathing and roaming freely from the windows of the van. We all have seen the tigers in a zoo. But it was exciting to see the tigers sleeping under the bushes to protect themselves from the fierce sun. It is really enjoyable & thrilling to see the tigers bathing in the pool. It was a very thrilling experience.

The visitors visit Tiger Safari, War Museum and Hardy’s World in one round. Watching tigers basking in the sun amuses the visitors. It is indeed good picnic spot. Yet not many people visit it on the weekdays.

The Wild Life Department has given the contract of conducting the visit to safari to a private company. The company has two buses. If one bus does not return within 10 minutes, the other bus leaves for its search. In case animals take ill, PAU veterinary doctors or the Director, Chattbir Zoo, are consulted.

Mostly the tigers sit lazily with a far away look in their eyes. At 5 o’clock, a bell is rung. It is dinnertime for the tigers. The smell of meat takes them to the enclosure where they are locked for the night. The two watering holes are cleaned on Mondays when safari remains closed. At the entrance, scores of peacocks move about. They keep tigers active for they love chasing them.

Zoo in Ludhiana called as Tiger Safari ,situated 6 kms from the main city on GT Road on Ludhiana-Jalandhar Highway coveres an area of on 25 acres.It was established in 1993 and here one can see the majestic tigers are freely wandering in the dense forest, black bucks, sambhars, rabbits and lots of peacocks . It is a good picnic spot for the children and they thrilled to see the bathing of the tigers in the pool and sleeping under the bushes .In all zoo we can see the tigers in a huge cage but here it is very thrilling experience to see the group of tigers wandering freely in this zoo other than any other zoo. A bell rung at 5 o’clock and they are locked in their cage by giving them meat to eat for the night. Tiger Safari in this Zoo is conducted by a private company under a contract given by the Wild Life Department .The company provides two buses for this service.