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Vaishnu Devi Chowk
Also Called Division No.3 Chowk. Central point for old Ludhiana City, about 2.5 Kms from Railway Station. From this Chowk differenct roads go to Samrala Chowk, CMC Hospital Subhani Building, Gaushala Road, Madhopuri, Chaura Bazar (141008).

Vakilan Mohalla
A small Mohall in Purana Bazar (141008).

Vijay Inder Nagar
A Locality on Daba Road (141003).

Vijay Nagar
A small locality in Industrial Area-A, between Oswal Road & Railway Line (141003).

Vikas Nagar
Pakhowal Road near Cananl Bridge (141002).

Vinay Nagar
On Jalandhar Road near Jalandhar Bye Pass, Nagesh Hosiery side (141008).

Virender Nagar
A small Locality on Bindraban Road, adjacent Syndicate Building (141001).

Vishal Nagar
Pakhowal Road, opposite Punjab Mata Nagar (141002).

Vishal Nagar
On Chandigarh Road near Octroi Post village Mundian (141010)

Vishal Nagar Exetnsion
Between Vishal nagar & Pakhowal Road (141002).

Vishkarma Chowk
GT Road, Miller Ganj, the starting point of Gill Road (141003).

Vilshkarma Colony
Link Road, between Partap Chowk & Dholewal Chowk opposite Industrial Estate (141003).

Vishkarma Colony
Old Name of a Street on Dhuri Line, near Dera Kalsian, now known as Preet Nagar (141003).

Vishkarma Colony
A small Locality in Basti Jodhewal (141007).

Vishkarma Mandir
GT Road, Miller Ganj, Just near Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bridge (141003).

Vishkarma Nagar
On way from Samrala Bye Pass to Basti Jodhewal Chowk near Tajpur Road (141007).

Vishkarma Puri
Gill Road, between Muradpura & New Cycle Market (141003).

Vishkarma Street
Gill Road, Miller Ganj, near New Cycle Market (141003).

Vishkarma Town
Adjoining Dhuri Railway Line, opposite Atam Park near Jammu Colony (141003).

A Locality near Shivpuri crossing Budha Nalha.

Vishwamitter Street
Opposite Old DMC Hospital (141001).

Vivek Nagar
Opposite new DMC near Dhobi Ghat (141001).

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