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Suvidha Center

This was built to provide convenience to the citizen by capturing the input at a single point for different services, re-engineering Government processes and mapping citizen charter to reality. The citizen approaches the SUWIDHA window and files his application. He is issued a receipt cum token number, which specifies the date of delivery of service. The case is sent to the concerned branch for action and get the delivery of his documents from the SUWIDHA counter itself on the specified date. In order to ensure timely delivery, Deputy Commissioner monitors the progress regularly so that citizen doesn’t have to visit the office again.

List of SUWIDHA Services

Service Code Service Name
01 Arm Licences related Services
02 Services to Pensioners
03 Counter Signing of Documents
04 Character Verification
05 Issuances of Bus Passes
06 Issuance of Dependent Certificate
07 Issuance of Unmarried Certificate
08 Issuance of Licenses
09 Endorsement of SPA/GPA
10 Issuance of Nationality Certificate
11 Issuance of Copy of a Document/Inspection of Record & Misc Services
12 Issuance of Marriage Certificate
13 Issuance of ID-Card
14 Appointment of Namberdar
15 Driving License related Services
16 Registration of Vehicle related Services
17 Issuance of Birth Certificate
18 Issuance of Death Certificate
19 Issuance of Affidavits
20 Issuance of Permissions
21 Issuance of Indemnity Bods
22 Issuance of Surety Bonds
23 Submission of Passport Applications
24 Issuances of No Objection Certificates