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People of Ludhiana

The people of Ludhiana have both money and taste and usually try to lead a stylized life. The general surveys have shown that these people never mind to spend money in order to get the best. They generally maintain the style and grandeur in all occasions and festivities. The people of Ludhiana are said to be fashion conscious – whether the fashion relates to the dressing style or the haircut. Although Ludhiana’s rich cultural heritage actually do not match the prevailing fashion and life style of the modern generation, yet traditional culture of the Ludhiana people has not lost fully. But the fact that the traditional exponent is threatened, cannot be denied.

Ludhiana is the hub of cultural activities in the state. Every week, more or less, one cultural event or another takes place in Punjabi Bhavan, Guru Nanak Bhavan, Nehru Sidhant Kendra Auditorium or an educational institution. Generally, folk songs and dances captivate the audience. The lilting melody and the measured dance steps make the people happy, both young and old. The song and dance troupes dominate marriage parties where loud music creates the typical atmosphere of festivities. The show goes on to infuse the spirit of togetherness among the persons, educated as well as uneducated.

Cultural melas are of recent origin in Ludhiana. These started with the sponsoring of Prof Mohan Singh Mela by Jagdev Singh Jassowal. The idea has caught the imagination of the people and they flock to this annual two-day mela with gusto. Folk sangeet, folk dance, folk games and folk means of entertainment such as rope-dance, snake charming and cockfight are the highlights of this mela. The enthusiasts of Punjabi folklore also celebrate some other melas in the name of Yamla Jatt, Narinder Biba and Jagmohan Kaur. Indeed they satisfy the cravings of the old as well as the new generation for linking itself with its glorious past.

At another front, although on a lower key, Viraasat Bhavan is fulfilling the needs of the people of the city. It is mainly the venue of art exhibitions and on-the-spot painting competitions. Sometimes there are shows of clay modeling and spinning wheel competition (charkha), which provide a new dimension to the cultural activities of the city.